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Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Cowboy locksmiths. Promising quick fix jobs to you in you hour of need, these so-called tradesmen are then threatening to keep people locked out of their homes unless they pay an extortionate amount of money.

If you are locked out of your home in Clacton or have been broken into, you will already be feeling worried and threatened, so the last thing you will need is the added concern of choosing a rogue locksmith. A locksmith’s job is to improve your home security and provide the reassurance that you and your home are protected, so how can you avoid cowboy locksmiths in Clacton?

Check your Locksmith is based in Clacton

Many locksmiths might advertise to be found in your local area, but without being based there. Check their website to make sure they have a Clacton address. No address, vague contact information or a lack of a Clacton phone number should ring alarm bells and you should avoid these locksmiths at all costs.

Check out their reviews on Google

When you have found a locksmith online check out their reviews on Google and Facebook, not just the ones they have supplied via their website, but more importantly the ones they have collected through real customers.This should give you a good indication of their experience and trustworthiness in Clacton.

Commercial Locksmith Clacton
Commercial Locksmith Clacton

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