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How To Make Sure Your Clacton Business Is Secured Properly

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

We don’t want to worry you, but did you know that 20 percent of all recorded crime in the UK is against small businesses? That means businesses like yours. When you step away last thing, when all your work is done for the day, are you sure that your building is secure? Are you sure that no one can break in and steal everything you’ve worked so hard for?

If not, you need to re-think your security.

Business LocksmithWalk round your building and make a note of any vulnerable area. It could be a weak lock, or a hole in a fence. It could be that door that doesn’t close all the way, or that alleyway out the back that could be the perfect escape route for a thief. It could be any number of things, and that’s why you need to check it all over.

You should also, most definitely, install an alarm. Installing an alarm (and making sure that it’s visible from the outside; it’s the ideal deterrent, although we don’t recommend just putting up a false box and being done with it) might be expensive, but it’s a lot cheaper than having to start from scratch because everything in your office has been stolen. And what about CCTV? Again, this is a deterrent, plus if something untoward were to happen, you might even be able to help catch the culprits.

Is a lock enough? Could your building be better secured by using metal shutters or grilles? If so, and you want that added layer of protection, you could install them. You could also tag or mark all of your machinery and equipment, such as computers and printers. Doing this will make them easier to trace in the event of a burglary. It will also make them less tempting to thieves who will find tagged and logged items much more difficult to sell on.

To really find out whether your building is secure, why not call a locksmith? Having a lock Ipswich locksmith round to check your building will give you that added peace of mind that we could all do with. The locksmith will be able to check the locks that you have on your building and let you know what they think. They’re the experts, after all. If they think those locks are too weak to secure you’re building, it’s a good idea to get them changed; ask your local locksmith for advice on the best locks around. They’ll know which ones are the hardest to pick.


Locksmiths in Clacton
Locksmiths in Clacton

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